State of the art Dentistry

Digital X-rays using Nomad® allows for excellent quality radiographs with minimal radiation exposure to our patients. The small sensor provides maximum patient comfort and we are able to take a complete series of radiographs when necessary in a matter of a few minutes.

SoproLife® Intraoral Digital Photography and Caries Detection facilitates the process of educating our patients about their specific dental needs. This amazing, cutting-edge technology allows Dr. Sayeed to take clear, high quality pictures of each individual tooth, focusing on areas of concern. Visualization of cavities, fractures, defective fillings, oral pathology and several other dental issues becomes possible for our patients, so we can have direct discussions about specific dental concerns, solutions and treatment options.

Soft Tissue Lasers - This technology allows Dr. Sayeed to make accurate and painless modifications to gum tissue when required to allow for improved healing, periodontal health and perfect margin visualization and access during digital impressions for crowns, to ensure a perfect fit every time!

CEREC® Same Day Permanent Restorations– CEREC® is an innovative, cutting-edge CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing) technology that makes it possible for Dr. Sayeed to take digital impressions and fabricate same-day restorations for her patients including conservative inlays, onlays and full-coverage ceramic crowns, including beautifully hand-glazed and finished ceramic crowns! Decayed teeth and defective amalgam or composite fillings can be replaced in a matter of a couple of hours from start to finish! In addition, CEREC® technology allows Dr. Sayeed to prepare teeth for same day veneers. The smile that you have been waiting for can be yours in a single appointment! CEREC® technology combines high quality, efficiency and patient comfort, all-in-one.